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We Connect Children with

Attention Problems

A Child with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

- is easily distracted
- Doesn't Stay Seated
- has impulsive behaviours
- Doesn't Follow Directions or finish tasks
- Has Trouble waiting for his turn
- Doesn't appear to be listening


- Poor Eye Contact
- Poor response for name call
- Perfers to be alone (not mingling with others)
- Delayed Speech
- Repetitive behaviours like hand flapping rocking, jumping or twirling
- Extreme Sensitivity to touch light and sound
- Fixations on certain activities or objects.

Developmental Delays

- Poor head control even after 6 months
- Can't sit up or independantly roll over by 6 months
- Delayed development in all mile stones

Cerebral Palsy

- Delayed Development
- Difficulty with bodily Movements
- Muscle tightness
- Problems with Co-ordination
- Difficulty in sitting standing and walking
- Speech issues

Downs Syndrome

A Genetic chromosome 21 disorder Causing developmental and intellectual delays

Learning Disabilities

- Short attention span
- Poor memory
- Difficulty in following directions
- Spelling mistakes
- Word Skipping ,Sentence skipping
- Letter reversals
- Difficulty in reading,writing and listeing